Admittedly, I long for the day when this senator, who is not from NH, finally retires or is properly impeached. Jeanne Shaheen has turned my home state on its head - completely upside down. Once known for its safe and secure streets throughout much of its Republican existence, now, NH is only remembered as being one of the most seriously impacted 'heroin states' in the country. Breaks my heart to hear people speak of NH in that light, that do not know the very safe and secure community of Rochester that I grew up in. They see Rochester as it is, now - laden with heroin addictions, as most are these days, and local businesses shuttering. I recall when Shaheen became Mayor of Dover many years ago, and several families responded in shock, not knowing who she was or how she could properly represent them having grown up in Missouri. Many considered running for mayor that actually grew up in Dover - but were overlooked. Shaheen led the march misdirecting NH voters to elect primarily carpetbaggers that knew very little about our fine state or its historic political footprint left by NH greats John Sullivan or those later influenced by Daniel Webster, that, along with other New England statesmen of his time, cultivated a world superpower. The DNC forces, imposes, demands unrelenting loyalty from NH's state employees' union - to the detriment of any other NH resident that did not vote their way. That imposition is what helped to install Obamacare in every state throughout the United States.

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