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I estimate capital gains appreciation potential of between 7-10% within the next 3 months if the deal closes as agreed. If the deal fails, I see 3-5% downside in 2020 and 2021 bonds. Buy Recommendations: Low Risk: Genworth Holdings 6.515%, 2018 bonds (Cusip: 37247DAK2) Medium Risk: Genworth Holdings 7.7%, 2020 bonds (Cusip: 37247DAM8) Medium Risk: Genworth Holdings 7.2%, 2/15/2021 bonds (Cusip: 37247DAN6) Company Background: Genworth Financial is a holding company of a group that provides residential mortgage insurance and long-term care insurance. In addition, it has a legacy portfolio of life insurance and annuity products that is in run-off. US operations account for 85% of the company's revenue while GNW's international operations include ownership of insurance subsidiaries in Canada and Australia. As shown in table 1, based on Q4 2016 mix of business by product line, long-term care accounted for 60% of stockholder equity while life insurance, residential mortgage insurance, and fixed-rate annuities accounted for 19%, 34% and 7%, respectively. Table 1: Mix of business by product line Source: Genworth Q4 2016 Earning Summary Presentation As a holding company, GNW relies on cash flows in the form of dividends from its operating subsidiaries to meet its debt repayment obligations. Therefore, in order to analyze GNW, we need to understand the financial condition of the underlying operating companies. The diagram below shows the company structure. Entities in dark-blue are holding companies or intermediate holding companies and the entities in light-blue are operating companies. Genworth Corporate Structure Source: SNL Financial, company Filings, Barclays Research The company has two major business lines, mortgage insurance (MI) and US life insurance. As can be seen from table 1 above, US life insurance is the dominant business in terms of equity, constituting about 85% of the business mix, with the remaining 15% from the MI business. The life insurance business consists of 3 businesses lines: the long-term care business (LTC), the US life insurance business, and the run-off fixed annuity business. The LTC business operates under the Genworth Life Insurance Company entity (GLAIC). The LTC entity is called GLIC. GLIC has long struggled to maintain profitability despite ongoing policy rate increases. The decline in profitability is evident from an analysis of GNW's long-term care margins. GNW reported a reduction in margins to approximately $1-$1.5B at year-end 2016 from approximately $2.5-3B at year-end 2015. While clearly weakening margins, the GLIC still generates cash and pays a dividend to its parent (GLAIC), but the dividends paid to GLAIC are not available to GNW. This trapping of dividends at the GLAIC level creates a liquidity crunch for GNW as it is not able to access the dividend to pay debt maturities.

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