A mid-life facelift in 2017 resulted in a new headlight design, more safety features and revised infotainment systems, adding appeal to an already successful formula. Space 9/10 More than enough room for most families View photos Skoda Octavia Estate 2017 facelift More Four six-footers will have plenty of space in the Octavia. And while life isnt as comfortable for those in the back when youre travelling five up, this is also the case in rivals. The Octavia also has a boot can swallow a familys holiday luggage with ease, offering slightly more room than the already commodious hatchback, although a Peugeot 308 SW is larger still. Its tailgate opens high and wide, plus has a flat loading lip, which helps with getting stuff into the car. A grab handle that hangs down from the open tailgate ensures even smaller adults can close it. Meanwhile, numerous in-car storage spaces and an ice scraper positioned behind the fuel cap cover add further to the practicality. Book a FREE Skoda Octavia Estate test drive A grab handle that hangs down from the open tailgate ensures even smaller adults can close it. Meanwhile, numerous in-car storage spaces and an ice scraper positioned behind the fuel cap cover add further to the practicality.

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