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The House of Lords Select Committee on the Sustainability of the NHS criticised a "culture of short-termism" in government, and concluded that politicians and health professionals need to take a long-term view of everything from funding to recruitment to ensure the system remains sustainable. Peers warned that demand on the NHS, driven in large part by a demographic shift to an older population living longer, threatens its long-term sustainability without radical change. The NHS budget, worth 107bn in the last financial year, is growing at its slowest rate since its foundation, with real-terms growth of just 0.5% over the next two years. Replay Video SD LO The Lords' warning comes less than a week after NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens set out his plans for the next two years, including a "frank admission" that the NHS will fall short of some waiting time targets because of the pressures of rising demand and limited resources. The report also recommends: :: The creation of an independent body to make recommendations about Britain's healthcare needs over 15-20 years, comparable to the Office of Budget Responsibility's oversight of the Treasury :: Better co-ordination of health and social care with responsibility for national level adult social care eventually moving to the NHS :: A compulsory insurance scheme to cover social care costs for those that can afford it above a certain age :: A long-term strategy to address the recruitment crisis, including examining the role of years of pay restraint on the NHS's ability to retain staff :: An overhaul of the "small business model" for GPs system, which it calls "no longer fit for purpose" :: Increased public health budget and greater focus on patient responsibility including re-drafting the NHS Charter to stress the importance of the public's responsibilities as well as rights :: A cross-party political consensus to prioritise the future of the NHS Getty A group of protesters hold placards as others march through central London during a demonstration in support of the NHS on March 4, 2017 in London, England. Thousands march from Tavistock Square to Parliament today for a demonstration against hospital closures, privatisation and cuts to the NHS Lord Patel, a cross-bench peer and obstetrician, said: "The Department of Health at both the political and official level is failing to think beyond the next few years. "There is a shocking lack of strategic planning in the NHS. "We also need to recognise the NHS will need more money. "NHS spending will need to rise at least as fast as GDP for 10 years after 2020. "One area where more spending will be required is on pay for lower paid staff. "We have heard much about the need to integrate health and social care and we think the best way to do that is make the Department of Health responsible for both health and adult social care budgets." The report comes after the NHS endured its worst-ever winter measured by A&E waiting-time targets as hospitals struggled to free up beds occupied by patients in need of social care in the community. Staff groups welcomed the stress on increasing pay. Janet Smith, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursery, said: "This report explicitly blames the Government's short-termist pay cap for low morale in the NHS and the numbers being pushed towards leaving the nursing profession. "If ministers want to keep the best nurses working in the NHS, they must fund it properly and end the pay cap." Labour Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth welcomed the report. "The Tories have left our health system underfunded and unstaffed. "We now need a long term plan for the NHS which tackles this chronic underfunding and invests in staff so patients get the world-class treatment they deserve," he said. The Department of Health said it would respond to the report in due course. "We are totally committed to an NHS, free at the point of use, providing world-class care - and we agree that means taking decisions to ensure the sustainability of the service in future," said a spokesman.

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