In part one , I provided my answers to five of the 10 biggest questions related topotand life insurance. Here in part two are my answers to the next five biggest questions. 6. Will an Underwriter Recognize the Difference Between Medicinal and Recreational Use? The odds are that youll be treated as a recreational user. It still boils down to how much you use, how you use it and how frequently you use it. It is crucial to recognize that the medical condition for which you have been prescribed marijuana will also be underwritten. All other factors being equal, conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms and even PTSD may not require too much of an extra premium. But cancer, hepatitis C and multiple sclerosis could result in a higher payment or even a declined application. 7. If I Purchase Insurance Now But Stop Smoking Later, Will My Rate Be Reduced? Its a good decision to get the policy now. If you need the coverage, you get it. You dont want to wait for the optimum time to buy, because tragically a claim may have to be paid in the meantime. You dont want to shortchange your beneficiaries on the money they will need upon losing you. Once you are insured, we can work on reducing the cost. When you have stopped using marijuana for a full year, you could very well be eligible for a lower premium. If things dont work out for you, and you develop an unforeseen medical condition, then at least you will have life insurance in play. You can always try again the following year. (For more from this author, see: 3 Tips for Smokers Buying Life Insurance .) 8. Will I Get in Trouble for Disclosing That I Use Pot If It Is Still Illegal in My State? Thats a valid concern.

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